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Leica announced the D-Lux 8, a stripped-down version of the 2018 D-Lux 7 with the same 21MP Micro Four Thirds sensor and f/1.7-2.8 lens but resembling a mini Leica Q. Not much of an update. Other than software, I doubt there are many changes under the hood, but there will be accessories (lol)! Camera makers seem thirsty for Fuji's success with the X100 series. 

Strange issues with my Amazon packages this week. One was expected yesterday and another today. Both say they are now delayed until Friday. Tracking shows that the package arrived, then left an Amazon facility in Honolulu, but later shows "Package delayed in transit". Shouldn't it just be a handoff to USPS?

I'm enjoying discovering and reading other blogs on the Scribbles platform Explore Blogs and Posts page. I know I could add some of these to my RSS reader, but I think it would be cool if it were possible to follow other Scribblers from my account.

I wish I had some clever predictions for Apple”s iPad event happening in a few hours but I don’t. Perhaps I’m just tired of waiting for Apple to free the iPad of its limitations. Maybe they’ll release something amazing that finally sets the iPad free but I’m not holding my breath. 

Began testing out Raycast this week and wrote my first script for it last night. Just a simple one to add reminders to Dueapp. Just a few more things to migrate and I’ll be able to see if I can move to this from Alfred. 

Writing this down for posterity. My one prediction for Apple's A.I. offering(s) during WWDC this year will be branding their A.I. as "Apple Intelligence". 

It would be a missed opportunity if they don't. I also feel they need to put the Siri brand to rest.

The zeptocore is a handmade, handheld sample player/synth from the folks at infinite digits. Kinda like a Teenage Engineering PO-33 but MOAR! Available assembled or as a DIY kit. Check out their webpage for more info.

A photo of the zeptocore from the infinite digits webpage.

There seems to be a lot of folks getting locked out of their Apple ID tonight with no explanation. More info here and here.

Found the perfect container for my shieldXL at Daiso. Great way to protect the knobs without spending a lot of $.

Thank you Metic for sending this special delivery full of awesome music! If you haven't checked out Metic, please do:

Horizon Terminal and Metic's vinyl and cassette tapes!
Horizon Terminal and Metic's vinyl and cassette tapes!